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INTRODUCING: All Natural Ways that are Clinically proven to reduce soreness in your horse
 breakthrough products:
wOW! Want to try a 6oz. bottle of sore no-More® ultra gelotion for only $4.95 Including shipping?
Here's the TRUTH!
The only clinically proven liniment and wearables on the market...
Most people continue to try the endless options without researching proven methods. Why?
Find out below...
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1. You don't know where to find accurate research.
2. You don't have the time to sift through the countless, often incorrect, options .
3. You don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get results.
4. You already have too many vet bills. 
5. You just want the best for your horse.
But that's not the end of the problem... it actually gets worse...

Here's the Real Problem you're facing:
Adding harmful chemicals to your horse's skin can be dangerous and result in terrible burns and blistering... You may not be able to ride for weeks. And, worst of all, you lose all the efforts you've put into enjoying your time in the saddle.

But luckily for you, there's now a solution...

Introducing... Benefab® by Sore No-More®

Start by discovering the natural benefits of herbal-based Sore No-More® topicals. Start providing targeted relief in sore areas on your horse. See results in a week or less—It's a proven way to get better performance and experience less pain, have a happier horse, and enjoy more time in the saddle.

Hi, My name is Kat Chrysostom and by now, you're probably asking... Who are we and how can we make these claims?

Here's why we can make these promises to you:

Sore No-More® is a trusted brand that has been existing for 25+ years. It's a common staple in barns across the nation and it's clinically proven with published studies.

But don't just take my word for it! Take a look at this... PROOF!

Take a look at the below testimonials. The stats from the study proved a 90% reduction in back soreness in 7-10 days.

Look at how many people are using Sore No-More everyday...
This liniment has been to the Olympics for the past 25 years!

Here's Exactly What You Get With This 6 oz. Sore No-More® Ultra (clinical strength) gelotion.

IF YOU ACT NOW, Get These Bonuses:
BONUS #1 - Only pay shipping of $4.95 for the 6oz. Bottle.
BONUS #2 - Add a full size bottle to your order for $29—Shipping is already paid for!

Act Now - Before It's Too Late!...

Get Onboard With Benefab® by Sore No-More® Now! If you want to: Relieve existing pain, start performing better, and increase mobility.

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Sore No-More® has been a trusted brand for over 25+ years. Made with clean, all natural ingredients, and guaranteed to never burn or blister, it's become a staple in tack trunks across the country. The Performance lines are FEI compliant—every ingredient meets the zero-tolerance competition guidelines.  
It's the only liniment on the market with clinically backed data. A recent study was published in the Journal of Animal Science showing a 90% reduction in back soreness over a 7-10 day period using the Performance Ultra (clinical strength) version. Can't beat those results!  
  What People Are Saying:
" it touched my skin I could feel a difference. I could not believe it..."
"I tried it on my hurt wrist and as soon as it touched my skin I could feel a difference. I could not believe it... I went to go put on my wrist brace over it to see if it burned my skin. Nope, nothing! I'm blown away by this product and how awesome it is! I highly recommend this and I will probably have to hold myself back from buying all of the Benefab® products!"
Emily Sum

"...I've been using the Sore No More Products on my clients horses..."
"I've been using the Sore No More Products on my clients horses—all natural, guaranteed not to burn, even if wrapped. Plus when massaging horses all day, it's AWESOME on my hands and fingers."
Robin Engbrock

"Beyond impressed with these products... They don't burn... LOVE!!!"
"Beyond impressed with these products! I own and use the Smart QuickWraps and Hock Boots on both my mare & gelding. My mare gets regular injections in her hocks & the boots help her go longer, more comfortably, between injections. The quick wraps are awesome pre-workout, during traveling, post- workout & in all temperatures/climates. I love that Sore No More can be used underneath their products and they don't burn my horses' skin like liniment does. LOVE!!!"
Kaleigh Volz
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